Mesh LED flashing blue, green, or cyan Issues

Can someone confirm a few interesting things I am seeing with the new particle Mesh devices.

On startup the main LED flashing is reasonably consistent. The confusion comes with a device that is running.

My on startup summary

Flashing blue - device not yet setup. Argon without wifi, Xenon without a mesh to talk to
Flashing green - Argon no internet, Xenon no mesh connection
Breathing Cyan - Argon Good (but gives no indication of the wifi signal strength, poor signal makes for an unstable mesh)
Breathing Cyan - Xenon (Only at startup means you have connected to a mesh network that has an internet connection.)

The confusion comes when the devices are running.

Flashing Blue - If you have put an Argon in flashing blue mode to commission a device, the mesh still works, but the commissioning app may have a hard time finding the mesh if you start again. Solution reboot Argon.

Flashing Green- Argon has lost internet, Solution reboot Argon
Flashing Green -Xenon has lost the Internet part of the mesh but MIGHT still have a local mesh connection. It might seem like rebooting the Xenon is a solution, but I often found rebooting the Argon helped. (Even waiting 10 seconds before powering on sometimes helped)

Breathing Cyan- Argon. Looks like everything is good, but if the Xenons are unstable perhaps reboot the Argon.

Brething Cyan - Xenon. (TELLS YOU VERY LITTLE!). That Xenon is running, but it may only be connected to the mesh with itself. It might have a local mesh connection with a few Xenons, but no internet, It might have a full connection with the entire mesh network with internet.

This last situation is why I made the Mesh Hello World program, which gives you a D7 LED flash count for who is connected to your mesh. Very easy to have one mesh with 2 or more local connected pods and the main Argon pod looks like everything is good but it is only connected to a few Xenons.