Xenon flashes white, then goes into listening mode

Hi All,

Something new I just came across:

I left a mesh network running, simply tinker on both a gateway (Xenon on Ethernet featherwing), and the endpoint. Both on (Post Edited to reflect the correct version) 0.8.0 RC25. The endpoint was running on a lipo battery. When I came home this afternoon, the endpoint was flashing white. I thought that it could be running low on battery, so I plugged in a usb cable. When I did that, the Xenon went into blue flashing listening mode. If I reset or power cycled the Xenon, it would stay in listening mode. The only way I could figure to get it working again was to add it as a new device with the IOS particle app.

When I added it, it did not have the mesh network that it was previously part of in the memory, indicated by the app not asking me if I wanted to leave the current network, as it would do if I was to add the endpoint again now.

So it seems as if the endpoint lost it’s credentials for the mesh network, possibly (but not for sure) because of a low power condition.

Anyone else experience something similar?


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OK, I’ve had this happen again.

Flashing white after running fine for a day or two. Reset makes the unit flash blue, and the mesh network credentials are not maintained.

Adding it as a new device lets everything work as normal again.

I have it running now with a new battery, as I suspect that the battery that I’ve been using is faulty. We will see if it happens again as this battery drains.


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@jimbol, you should update all your devices to RC25 which is more stable.

Thanks, @peekay123!
I’ve done so, and looks like I had a typo in the original message here, all mine are on RC25, and the Behavior above was with RC25. Original post edited.