Argon not returning to listening mode, blinking blue/white

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Hi there,

I got my Argon working with the mesh network, and now I’m afraid I’m back to square one again.

My Argon is flashing blue at 2Hz and white at 1Hz. I can’t find what this means on the support page. I can move into DFU mode, but not to safe mode. It doesn’t reconnect through the mobile app.

I’ve tried:

  • Changing to DFU mode, and reflashing the Argon firmware and Tinker. After flashing the LED changes from DFU yellow flashing to blue/white as described above.
  • Connecting through the mobile app - the Argon is not discovered by my phone.

Any thoughts on how I could progress with this?

Many thanks!


This verbal description is not clear.
How often does it blink each individual colour?
Are the colours alternating or interleaving?

However, this is not a known signal. Can you share a video of that (min. 30 sec).

Could it be one white followed by a few blue - rinse - repeat.
In that case I’d suspect some power issue causing the device to permanently reset.