Xenon solid white and won't go into DFU mode

When my Argon is on, my Xenon will move along as normal until it connects to the mesh where the LED then turns solid white and does nothing. You can’t reset it, nothing. I have to unplug it.

When the accompanied Argon is not on, it blinks fast green. If I hold down MODE, the LED turns solid white. If I let go it acts like I reset it. I have tried numerous times to get the device to go into DFU mode but have not been successful.

I am sure my code hung it up, but I cannot “reset” the device to correct it. When I run commands to fix it says “No DFU device found”.

Any ideas?


Showing your code (both sides) is a good starter to get people interested in an otherwise nondescript issue :wink:

Also providing some videos of the failed attempts to enter Safe or DFU Mode may provide further insight.