Xenon cannot connect to Mesh

Has something changed?? I got a Argon and Xenon working a couple of days ago, worked well other than several mins trying to scan tiny barcodes.
Now adding other xenons no longer works I have tried several Xenons I am able to update them all but then it asks me to scan them a second time, which I don’t remember being a step previously (anoying as it takes several mins each time) after it scans I get the blue spinning wheel of death like the original issue. Tried restarting etc.
I don’t understand why it was working and now it is not.

Anyone else having a problem?

I think you might just not have read the actual description on the prompt screen that asks you for the “repeated” scanning of the data matrix.
When you setup a mesh network in one go (first the gateway and immediately add one or more node(s) to that newly created mesh network), the application already has all the data it needs to provision a new node for the mesh network to join.
But adding a node to an existing network later adds some extra security layer where you need an already provisioned node (which can also be the gateway device) as commissioner to grant access. For that you need to put that commissioner node into Listening Mode (blinking blue) and scan the datamatrix of that commissioner for the mobile app to connect via BT to it and request the mesh secret that way.
Just scanning the data matrix of the not yet commissioned device wouldn’t help, since it wouldn’t know the mesh secret.


Thanks @ScruffR

I did read the screens, I looked again just now at the screens and it never mentions anything like your comment above, also if it did I would have no idea what it was saying (and still don’t) so probably good.

The screens only refer to “This device” which I asumed was my phone “will act as a commissioner”
The press and hold I assumed was on the new node as no other device is mentioned.

Thanks for the explanation of what I actually need to do.

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I agree that wording isn’t really clear (if you don’t already know what’s ment :blush:)
@jensck, this might be worth addressing in one of the future updates to the Android App.

Also replace Xenon with a more generic term since the commissioner could also be an Argon or Boron (BTW, that point was already discussed earlier :wink: )

Added an issue for that