[Workbench] How to put device into DFU mode without having to do it manually

Hey guys

Does anyone know how I can put my device into DFU mode via the Workbench without having to do it manually (actually picking up the device and holding down the buttons with my hands)? I’ve been testing firmware iterations but I’m finding that when certain firmware is flashed to the device, the Workbench can’t put it into DFU mode to flash another firmware.

Here’s an example: My device is currently flashed with this firmware:

The device is on and programmed to wait (see line 25). But when I try to flash the device again, I get this every time:

and then…

The device on my desk is still sitting there breathing cyan. Is manually holding down the buttons the only way to put this device into DFU mode and therefore required for uploading new firmware to the device? Or is there some CLI command I can do to force it into DFU mode?

Have you tried particle usb dfu particle usb dfu command on CLI?