Local flash with serial not dfu

Is it possible to local flash a photon with serial and not dfu?
currently I use cli with:
cd /Users/user/Documents/Particle/src/firmware/main
make all PLATFORM=photon APPDIR=/Users/user/Documents/Particle/src/test
particle flash --serial /Users/user/Documents/Particle/src/test/target/test.bin

But it is some extra work, would be nice with one click, integrated in the workbench


Is there a particular reason you are flashing with serial instead of dfu?

There are plans to make Workbench automatically put the device into dfu mode before flashing.

If you need a solution now, I’d suggest trying po-util. It has commands to automate the building and flashing process.

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The only reason I flash over serial because I do not want to press the buttons and put the photon into dfu mode 100 times per day… :slight_smile:

You can incorporate the following into a script to put the the photon into dfu mode before running the other commands.

stty -f /dev/cu.usbmodem14401 14400 # You will need to replace /dev/cu.usbmodem with the correct serial port
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great thank you very much, I did not know about this feature!

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