Particle Workbench Windows 10 DFU Mode device

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I recently installed Particle Workbench on my Windows 10 machine. I have installed and configured Zadig, FTDI drivers, etc to no avail (I read most of the older posts and those suggestions didn’t work either). When the Photon enters DFU mode the serial port is no longer available to Particle Workbench and the device cannot be flashed. Here are some pics which illustrate the error messages I am seeing. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I was confused myself.

My workbench/PC did not recognize my particle when in DFU mode (flashing yellow).

When I was breathing Cyan, I was able to downgrade my OS through the Workbench CLI and eventually flashed the right application. Again, all of which was done in breathing cyan…




That is to be expected but in DFU Mode the device can still be programmed, just not via particle flash --serial or OTA but via particle flash --usb.

When your device turns up as Photon DFU Mode under Ports (COM & LPT) then you have installed the wrong drivers.
When installing the drivers via zadig you should opt for the libusbK driver, but the recommended way to install would be via the Particle Driver Pack and make sure to also tick the remove old drivers checkbox.


Thanks that worked.