[Suggestion] Create a new Particle Project and Flash Local

A couple of usability questions that might be super easy to implement. Realize there are probably bigger and more important items to work on but thought I would throw this out.

  1. When creating a new particle project, shift-cmd-p I can almost do the entire process without my hands leaving the keyboard except for the first step which requires me to grab the mouse and select the folder by going down to the bottom right and selecting Open. If I’m already in the correct folder, it would be great to be able to just hit enter here, then enter the project name and hit enter to complete.

  2. When building and flashing locally, I’m now using the trick to set the serial port to 14400 to get it into dfu mode without having the man handle the device. I switch over to the terminal each time to do this before doing flash local. Would be great if it would do this automatically.

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Auto dfu mode before uploading has been requested for Workbench but hasn’t been implemented yet. A quick search could have told you this.

There are a few alternatives to Workbench that provide automatic dfu mode before uploading. po-util, a tool I maintain, is one of them. It can be used from the CLI or within Atom.