Local compilation questions for mesh devices

I’d like to set-up local compilation so I can work on devices when out in the boonies without connectivity, but I’m hitting some snags. so I thought I’d ask some questions I have:

  • Does the local compilation allow to compile just the app and flash just the app without touching the firmware? Or does it only support the “single unified binary” mode (I forget how it’s called)?

  • Does a local upload over USB always require all the button presses to get the LED to flash yellow or can one put the board into the right mode using a command or is it even easier than that?

What OS are you using?

Particle Workbench can do most of the things you are asking.

Personally, I’d recommend po-util if you’d rather have a more portable, command line based experience.

You can do both modular and monolithic builds.

You can set the serial baud rate of the device to 14400 to put it into DFU mode.

I’m not sure I understand, do you have a sample code snippet? E.g. just do Serial.begin(14400) in setup()?

Update: I gave that a try and it works! Except that the sketch only runs for about 4 seconds and then the argon switches back into DFU mode… What’s the trick?

You run the command from terminal.

On mac you would do something like:

stty -f /dev/cu.usbmodem141110 14400

On Windows you would do something like:

mode COMx 14400

Ah, duh… Any trick to do that automatically in workbench with ctrl-shift-B + Flash-app ?

Not yet, but it’s been requested.

Personally I use po-util instead of Workbench because it has auto DFU when flashing.

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