Work for WIFI without using the cloud (Cellphone- photon-cellphone via Wifi)

Hello everyone,
I have a problem, it is possible to use the wifi of a photon particle to transfer information without using the cloud, I use the wifi to program it and once having the program connect it through my cell phone, app, etc. and interact with it without the need of internet or the cloud ??? to know information as variable values ​​…
thank you very much

As this had been answered countless times before, I’d highly suggest you to try a quick forum search.
The cloud, nor internet in general is mandatory for the Photon, though you’ll lose out on some features if you omit either.


hello good speech. There will be a doubt once the programs through the medium OTA your photon, how can you generate the wifi network in which you will work the information by a cell phone as well as the puncture, and the configurations … You could help me a little

Hi @Juan_Gaytan,
Sorry I do not understand what you are asking. Can you elaborate?