Controlling Photon with a WiFi connection but no internet

Hi, I just got a photon and have been playing around with it. I am a little unclear of how it’s actualyl working. Is it ONLY using my local wifi to be controlled over my computer or phone, or is it using a cloud. Secondly, how do I make it so that, if it is using a cloud to run code, not to. I want it to work there is no internet connection but still a Wi-Fi network.

Reading the docs never hurts.


The tinker app uses the cloud, which is somewhat visible in the short lag from you touch the phone till the LED changes color.

That said the photon are able to work without internet access, by selecting the correct system mode as @duffo64 linked, but the standard tinker app wont work then, you need to make some custom network communication system to interact with it.

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I still want it be be communicating with WiFi, just not the cloud. If I use the computer IDE, is there a way to tell it what to do using its IP address?

Could you elaborate a little ? What are you trying to accomplish ?

I want to use the the photon as a soft access point, is there a way to do this?

Sure. See here.