Offline data communication via WIFI

Hello everybody,

normally you need internet access for the first registration of the Particle Photon, as this is available via the website
We want to build an “offline” device which communicates via Wifi. We want to use a standard router between the Particle Photon and a PC, which has no internet access.

Is it possible? or do I imperatively need Internet access to register?
Thank you very much for your help.

To use the Particle Cloud you need to have the devices internet connected at least once to claim them. If you are not intending to communicate to or from them via the internet or OTA flash them or manage them remotely…then of course you can use them on a local W-LAN - using UDP/TCP/HTTP?

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To add to @armor’s comments, you would need to run the device with SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) to disable the Particle Cloud connectivity.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Of course, once the Photon is connected to the router, you no longer need Internet access.

But how do I get an initial connection between the Photon and the router if I don’t have any internet access at all?

For the first connection I have to go to the website: . And there connect the photon with the desired WIFI.

But if the PC is now connected to the router (without internet access) I can’t get to the page right ?
Which prevents me from getting a first connection.

If you have no internet connection at any time - not even for initial setup - you cannot claim the device (and prevent others from claiming it instead).
If this is a non-issue for you, the device can still run. Just do what @peekay123 said


This way the device won't attempt to connect to the internet and leaves you in total control of the connection.

In order to set the WiFi credentials you don't have to go via, you can provide the credentials via USB just the same - either via CLI (particle serial wifi) or via any USB Serial terminal sending w to the device and then follow the instructions the device provides.

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