[SOLVED] Setup over usb on computer without WiFi

Solution: Have a look at particle serial wifi.

Hi Everyone,
Is it possible to setup a particle using USB and the CLI only? i.e. from a remote computer that does not have WiFi?
My senario is to remotely setup a brand new particle that is connected via usb to a remote desktop computer that does not have wifi. Is this possible?

There are numerous topics about this, as well as it being documented, so explaining the process is mèh… Have a look at particle serial wifi.

It seems to have its own page in the docs: https://docs.particle.io/guide/getting-started/connect/photon/


Great, thankyou

This doesn’t completely solve the setup though (unless I’m mistaken). It won’t register the device with the cloud. I have an open issue on the CLI for that - https://github.com/spark/particle-cli/issues/315

My issue covers the serial setup but my Windows 10 connection over WiFi to the photon is super flaky so I would love to just do the setup that way.

Once the device is online, simply issue particle device add [ID], or doesn’t that help either?

Yeah, that totally works but the normal setup flow calls the Create A Claim Code flow. I’m trying to test the calls that get made in that flow.

I guess it really doesn’t make sense to call that over serial since I think it’s more for SoftAP?