Won the NC State Parks Contract

After four years of selling park-by-park, I finally convinced the state to make a single large purchase. I am now on the hook to deliver 180 of these Boron based counters in 30 days and it has been quite an adventure. I thought it would be fun to share what worked and what did not as I went through it.

So, if you are interested, take a look on the Twitters where I will try to post both the good and the bad.


One other note - and I mean this. I could not have made it to this point without the support of Particle and this amazing community. I have benefitted greatly from your advice and support and I hope I was able to give a little back too. Please keep your questions and comments coming.




Great job and congratulations @chipmc! Now come the logistics :crazy_face:

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Congrats @chipmc!

BTW as for your unicorn part I ran into the same issue with a similar NXP pressure sensor (MPXV7002DP for me). After doing some digging I am pretty confident I found where they all went

Here is the key statement from the article: image

If you are looking to find who the British Tech Company is I think this points to Dyson.

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Oh, that makes perfect sense. I feel a little less mad at NXP now.

Thanks, Chip


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Great job! And, you gave back plenty. I learned quite a bit following your threads. Thanks!


Great job Chip, and well deserved!

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Great! Do keep us updated! We will look to handle the logistics smoothly!

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Congrats Chip !
Well Done.

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