Cool spark shield on kickstarter

Just saw this while I was stumbling around KS. Its an all-in-one sensor shield for the Core/Photon. I’d even think about pairing it with Bluz!


OT: If you have no Flash player, you can’t see the Kickstarter content, only blank space and a SWF will get downloaded. :confused:

thats annoying.

Here it is as a link

Hi all,

I just noticed this on kickstarter. It looks like the perfect platform for a lot of potential projects.

They pack a lot of stuff into a small board.

Thanks for the shout-out guys. I’m Marcus, one of the guys working on the sensor kit :).

We’re still trying to make the kit, so any sharing with friends will help the Kickstarter campaign.

We’re still going to make RUSK better and better as well. I’m currently working on replacing the current MPU-6050 motion sensor with the MPU-9150. If we get funded, all backers will get the upgraded sensor FOC.

The real limit we work with is the number of IO pins that we want to leave “free” on the board for your own nefarious purposes. Otherwise I’m really happy to hear any suggestions from folks on the forums.

sorry you didnt hit the KS goal. we would still love to see this launch on tindie!


Hey Avidan!

Yeah it was a pity, but we moved ahead anyway! It’s available in bulk order format now, but we are trying to get it going at sufficient volume to make single sales viable.

We’ve upgraded and delivered one production run of RUSK2’s already.