What does the Photon Kit include?

Hey everyone,

I ordered a Photon Kit and was wondering what kind of sensors/buttons it includes.
As part of a university project I will work with the Photon and it would be helpful to know what I’ll be able to do with the kit, so I can specify my project.

Regards, J

Have a look at the docs. It’s all there :wink:
The Core would obviously be replaced with the Photon, but the rest remains the same I believe.

Take a look at @will’s answer below, which is much more accurate!

Hey, are you sure? The Spark Maker Kit costs 60$ more than the Spark itself. And the Photon Kit is just 10$ more… Would be nice, tho!

@johnny353535, the basic Photon has no USB cable or protoboard. The Photon kit includes these whereas the Maker kit (Spark Core) comes with a Core/Photon and a bunch of components. You may want to look at the Grove Starter Kit as well. :smile:

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Ahh, ok! I was referring to the “couple of extra surprises to help you start building right away”. :wink:

Hey @johnny353535 . We haven’t finalized the first project that we’re including in the kit yet, but we’re currently planning on either a temperature sensor project or light sensor project with included wiring instructions.

@Moors7 confusing terminology…

  • Photon = Photon with no accessories
  • Photon Kit = Equivalent of the old regular Core (includes breadboard + sticker + Cable)
  • Maker Kit (w/ Photon) = Equivalent of the old Maker Kit, but with a Photon this time. The BOM will also be significantly improved in terms of value and number of usable components. I believe everyone will be very happy with the changes.

Here is a quick link on what Photon Kit includes:

You can want to learn about the Photon Maker Kit you can see that here: