Maker Kit - Project Docs

Hello All.
I’m new to Photon. Just signed up here - second post :smile:
I ordered the Particle Maker Kit.
I also ordered the ‘Getting Started with Photon’ book, and am about halfway through it.
I have the basics up and running. Flashing S.O.S. :wink:

The Maker Kit comes with sensors, serial display, motors, etc but no real documentation on projects for these components. I assumed a project booklet would have accompanied the Maker Kit… kinda like an arduino kit.

Could someone direct me to documentation that will help me use the components sold in kit. The book I have covers the temp sensor, but nothing on display or motor. Maybe just some basic tutorials on display, motor, etc. I have background in software development, and electronics from way back, so just need something to get me going.

Thanks in advance.

I agree, this is in deed lacking.
But for the display, have a look here
Getting Started with the Maker Kit OLED: How To

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Thanks ScruffR.
I’ll check out that link for the display.