Photon Kit vs Particle Maker Kit


Just wanted to make sure that Particle Maker Kit = Photon Kit + some other stuff.

Is that correct?

A “particle maker kit” is either a Photon maker kit, or a Core maker kit, depending on what option you select from the drop down.
They have either the Photon or the Core with indeed “some stuff”. What’s in there exactly can be found in the docs under “shields and kits”.
Let us know if you have any further questions.


Thanks a lot, @Moors7.

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The link to the PDF datasheet for the OLED screen in the Maker Kit is returning a 404:

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Is there an English translation of the datasheet available?

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Which datasheet are you looking for? As far as I can tell everything is in English. If not could you provide a link?

I think he meant the link provided by @hallmark

Not that I’ve got an English datasheet, but what info are you looking for?
If you want to drive this display with your Particles, then you can use the SS1306 library on Particle Build (there are also several threads about it in this forum)
And English datasheets for these SSD1306 OLED shields are pretty much applicable to all of them.

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Thankyou gentlemen. I wanted to know how to address the whole display. The examples I have only appear to address part of it. I will take a look at the other threads. Thanks again for the prompt replies.