I've bought Particle Photon, what's next?

Hi guyssss. I’ve bought Particle Photon but I can’t seem to do any meaningful projects with it without other parts. What do you guys recommend me to buy that will allow me to start developing some cool simple stuff? (sensors etc…) I’m looking to get myself an internet button (although I can’t really tell what’s the difference with just Photon itself but I assume it’s quite important). What else do I need? :smile: I do have arduino starter kit along too.


I would go with basic things like a PIR motion sensor, temperature sensor, input sensors of sort.
If you have some experience you can get into LCD displays and number displays. They can offer a challenge.

I find the best thing to do for projects is find a really simple idea to start, then keep building on to it!

I recently just built an alarm clock that allows you to wake up to mario played on a piezo, and will auto turn off if there is a light on 10 minutes or so before the alarm is set. (Clock is displayed on a 4 digit display)

I then coded an Android app so I can use my phone to set alarms (Was previously using a webpage)

Can you post the code for the alarm clock? Id like to try that.