Particle Photon Beginner's Video Series

Hey all, I’m starting up a series on working with the Particle Photon. You can check out the first video at the provided link:

I would greatly appreciate feedback!


Video 2:

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Video 3:


Looks good, just some small things.
Wire color: the voltage rails are color coded blue and red, for which you use the exact opposite. Functionally, there isn’t a difference, but it’s a common thing to stick to the “red is positive” practice.
The resistor: even though you show the color coding on there, it wouldn’t be bad if you said what value it was. People might want to double check with meters or whatnot.
The loose piece of wire in the breadboard: that’s a recipe for disaster, or electrical shorts, whichever comes first. Might want to keep the working area free of those kinds of things.

Perhaps a ‘required materials’ list would be good at the beginning if you’re planning on making thinks more complex.

Just small things, but a very neat project :slight_smile:

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My male to male wires are not really the correct colors, for instance brown is non-existent.

Thanks man, I was looking forward to your comment, and for sure the required list sounds like a good idea.
Before going into more complex hardware projects, I was going to get working with the IDE down and then teach how to write apps natively and then upload via the CLI

And I probably should’ve paid better attention to the rail colors and wiring, you’re right -.-

I love these video series. Thanks for putting in the extra effort. I’m totally new to IoT and connected devices. I did a lot of research and found the Photon to be perfect for some of the products I’d like to build and eventually bring to market.

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thanks @demented for making these. they’re awesome! :sunglasses:

No sweat off my back gentlemen. Glad someone got some use out of them!

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I would have liked a Red wire for all +ve rail and Blue wire for Ground rail connection. That way you can make sure visually your connection is correct. Mixing it causes confusion.