Particle.publish() Video Tutorial

Any feedback is appreciated!

I’m still pretty new at creating tutorials, but the goal is to be helpful above all.


The video is great.

I learn best and quickest by watching tutorials like this. If only there was a tutorial for every function of the Photon, that would be ideal.

Your doing a great job and I think many people will get good use and save alot of time by watching them.

Keep them coming :smile:

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One thing you should incorporate in your code is some kind of rate limiting to obay the 1 publish per second rule.

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Thank you, I totally forgot about that! I’ll address that in another video when I write more complex code

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Here’s a link to yet another video, explaining the Particle.variable() method.

Nice again :+1:

Just some notes:
Although the docs haven’t been updated yet, you can already use different datatypes for Particle.variables() than the three mentioned.
And your initialization of int photoResistorReading = A0; is a bit unorthodox, since you first use that var as pin denominator and later on just reuse it for the value while hard coding A0 :confused:

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Scruff, I’m obviously having a meltdown haha. I’ve decided to leave it as is. In the end it’s what worked for me and I tried remaking the videos to no avail, they just weren’t coming out as well

Here’s another

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