New to Particle.. New to C++. Feeling overwhelmed

So. The title says it. I’m trying to make my photon board, run a 3 sensors at polled intervals, and log the data.

That being said, I’ve never done c++ before, I’ve spent the last few nights watching bucky’s C++, along with C++ for dummies books… but I"m really just not grasping it and it’s frustrating.

Can anyone give me some pointers on things I need to know to make my particle work?

I realize this is probably a repost, and I have seen a post regarding a new book for particle, that I will definitely consider getting; but I really do just need some direction as to where to start.


In addition to telling us what you don’t know can you give us some background what we could build upon?
Have you programmed before at all?
What languages?
What were the main concepts that gave/give you headache?

Before diving into C++ you could have a look into C (forget about the OOP stuff to start with).

Most time I am new to something like to Particle i start with a good explained tutorial which points in the direction I want to go. The good thing is you get a cool and working project really quick. Which gives me most time a good and motivated feeling to start with my own project after this. So maybe check sites like for tutorials which point in the direction your project goes. When you finished them try to understand what you need to change/add for your own project and solve that step by step.
If you run into problems just come back to the forum, people can help you way better if you aks specific questions about your problem. :wink:

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I have a limited experience with both html and java… but that’s really about it.

The main concepts that I’m struggling with, is mainly, where to begin writing my code as there are a few different components to it… I guess I would need to incorporate a few class files into it so that multiple functions such as time keeping, as well as sensor reading and logging can all be done at once?

Also, is the particle dashboard compiler the best to use for learning/writing code?


For your first steps into the Particle world Particle Build IDE (aka Web IDE) is a nice and easy way.

Start with the samples already present in Build. Read the code (including comments) flash it, see the outcome, move on.
Once you got the basic meaning of things like(e.g. setup(), loop(), pinMode(), Particle.xxxxx(), … worked out and know how to write if()/switch() case: conditionals and for()/while() loops, you are good to go a bit deeper.

And possibly will be able to ask more targeted questions we actually can answer.
When a question is too open (like “where should I start” ) you won’t get any answers since that would just be impossible to even try.

That’s fair… I appreciate the feedback and will take you up on your suggestion.

Hi, you could also read this project in hackster to get you up and running in particle photons:

what kind of sensors your want to use?