What language does Particle Use?

Hi everyone,
I was looking for some clarification on what language the Photon actually uses. First off, let me say I’m really new to coding, so forgive my getting a little turned around in this.
So, the desktop IDE says c++ in the corner. However, I’ve been using what I think is commonly known as Arduino-C? Obviously they’re both C based. But anytime I’ve looked up “how to do ____ in c++” versus “how to do ___ in arduino”, the arduino version is always the one I’ve been going with, because the c++ syntax looks really different from what I’ve been using.
So, what do you think I’ve been using? And if, as I suspect, I’ve been using arduino-C rather than c++, what are some key differences?
Thanks for helping out the coding noob!

There isn’t anything like Arduino-C.
Arduinos use some sort of higher level “framework” ontop of C/C++ based on the Wiring “framework”.

The goal of Wiring/Arduino was to provide a simply entry into programming micors for non-tech users, but to unleash the power of the µC you should consider learning the power-stuff and not limit yourself to surface scratching :wink:


Thanks! It would appear my ignorance to the world of coding languages is as apparent as I suspected! Lol, thanks for the clarification. I got a pretty late start on coding, but I’m considering going for a minor in it in college, in which case I’m sure I’ll get into the "power-stuff."