Firmware/application programming language confusion

So I’ve not yet done anything useful with my Core, but I’m confused. What language is supported by the libraries? Is it the Arduino Wiring language or C++ or either be used?


@notronrj, wiring is an “add-on” to C++ and they are both are used in the Core and the Arduino. :smile:

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A lot of libraries are available. Are they predominantly made for Arduino/Wiring code? Or can the libraries all be used with C/C++ code?

Ok… just did a little searching. It appears that “Wiring” is just a basic wrapper around C/C++. If that is true then I should be able to use the existing libraries and “glue” everything together using standard C/C++? Is this true?

@notronrj, that’s why porting code from the Arduino is pretty straight forward. With the exception of hardware-specific code, most everything else ports well. If not, the Community is there to help :smile:


Yes that probably the case. Most libraries follow Wiring convention which makes it easier when porting over to other Wiring compatible platforms.

Some libraries have Arduino specific code which need to be worked on if ported to the core.

Have fun! :slight_smile: