Programming language used

Is it C++ used in web based IDE? It wasn’t mentioned.

If more than one programming language used, can you please list them with mention the cases they’re used?


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Yes, it is C++ (“only”)


Thanks, @ScruffR! :wink:


From the Particle website:
“Ever played with an Arduino? You’ll feel right at home. Particle uses Wiring, the same code framework as Arduino. That means that most Arduino code will run on a Particle board with no modifications. At the same time, you can always write code in C/C++ or even ARM assembly; our firmware stack is open source down to the bare metal.”

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@Moors7, thanks.

I have dealt before with Arduino and for some reason I was confusing it with Android (shame on me).
This is why only Java was in my head, but when I looked at sample code I guessed this is C++. :smile:

The programming language kind of looked like Processing (Processing Website except with the void draw() being void loop().

It’s Wiring (known from Arduino) which is relatd to Processing.

For completeness’ sake :wink:


Is Wiring built on C++ like processing is built on Java?

I could looking for things to quotes, but this has all the info I’m aware of:

Is it possible to use JavaScript code on the Photon?

(Un)fortunately, no, you can’t.

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I wanted to use a JavaScript library, p5.js, which is related to processing.

I’m not sure what additional value that would have offered as it seems it is mostly oriented towards graphical interfaces, something you’re not primarily going to be using on the Particle devices.
What were you intending on doing with it?

Well, I wanted to use a language and library that i already knew instead of using c++ and Wiring

Is c++ easy to learn? Where is a good place where I could learn it?

@Pham1123, C++ is no harder or easier than most other languages. However if you want to stick with JS, then you may want to look at a Particle variant made by Redbear called the Duo. They have a Javascript interpreter for it documented here. They also have a microPython interpreter.

Is the RedBear a Photon?

@Pham1123, the RedBear Duo uses a similar Broadcom chipset to the Photon but it also support BLE. It is different than the Photon but can run the same firmware or other platforms like Arduino IDE and WICED SDK.

You cant use the particle IDE or the app for the redBear right?