What language is used?


What language is used? Where is the documentation on that language? Why is language not even mentioned (or very well hidden) on the website?


Have you tried the search function?

There’s also the docs:



Hidden? The firmware documentation talks about it several places.

Preprocessor Reference

Also, the Other Functions references newlib.


Not to forget the docs search feature which would return for the “obscure” search term language this reference as first hit

Which in turn sports a reference to Arduino - which many people already connect with C++ - with a link which also reveals it being rooted in C++

BTW, the docs sample code snippets are pretty hard to mistake for anything but C/C++


Another reference to C++ directly over here:

@gorillapilot, since you’ve obviously searched the website, what are the places you’ve been to and haven’t been able to find the answer? If it’s in the docs, you can make a pull request to suggest improvements. If elsewhere, the feedback could be used to make it even more obvious for newcomers?


Why should I have to dig into the detailed docs to find out what language is used? That is first level - brochure level - info. Fix your website.


You did ask where the language was documented, to which the answer “in the documentation” was a pretty obvious one.

As to fixing “our” website; none of the people that have responded here are Particle employees, but ‘merely’ forum members like yourself. Since we’ve been here for a while, and knew the answer to your question already, there’s no need for us to look it up on the homepage. As such, we generally don’t have the best idea where such an improvement could be made to benefit newcomers.
You, on the other hand, seem to be new to the platform, and have searched the website for the answer (I’d hope). If you could tell us the places you’ve looked, and haven’t found, then maybe we could make sure the information is there the next time someone goes looking?

“Fix your website” is unfortunately not the kind of feedback that could actually help in the process of improving said website. Knowing exactly where and what information is missing would be more helpful, otherwise we might as well defer to the docs, since that contains all of said info.


The docs are open source. Anyone can submit improvements via pull request. Even you.


Fair enough. I did think the one fellow was responding on behalf of Particle. Thanks to those who answered my question. I am irritated at Particle for “burying the lead”, if you will. The manual is not a maketing document, and we should not have to dig around in the documentation to find out something so basic as the language used - it should be out front along with other basic high level descriptive information.


Were you expecting this page to directly say “Particle devices use C++” or something?


Just curious, didn’t any of the hundreds of examples in particle docs give that answer?


I am taking a first look at it and not at all sure I can justify the time to dig thru the docs to find high level info that should be on the front page of the brochure or website. The language used is not a detail.


I looked at the latest Particle home page, and OS page and I agree with you that it does not state what programing language is used.

In the past, they advertised it as an Arduino like coding platform but have done away with that wording to avoid confusion around that although Arduino library compatibility has gotten much better over the years.

You came to the forum to find out what Coding Platform is used which was a good move. Not searching the form or docs first for the answer is frowned upon here as you can tell from the replies here but still, you should have your answer now.

It’s C++.

What are you trying to accomplish with a Wifi or Cellular devices that Particle offers?


Yes. Duh. I see nothing has changed on the website.


Then let’s repeat the questions I’ve raised previously. Where exactly did you look on the website, and on which pages do you expect to find such information?
If Particle doesn’t know where people go looking, it’s hard to improve. Anything somewhat technical then ends up in the documentation, where it’s suited to be anyhow.