Coding / C++ for Newbies AKA Me with links

As of two weeks ago, I had never written any type of code. I have been reading the forums, blogs, web links etc. I thought that I would share a couple links that I have found useful in my search for knowledge. I have to admit I have a long way to go. I am trying to learn as much as possible without bothering too many of the very helpful people here. :slight_smile:

If you have links that have helped you learn terminology, fundamentals, etc please post them for me and others to read. I think all of us noobs need all the help we can get.

Good luck and happy coding.

My first link is an introduction to C++ I have read this a few times and keep going back to try and understand more. Yup I am a slow learner.

I thought I had a second one but can’t find it in the 100’s of bookmarks I have made. Time to organize. If you have some please share.



If you haven’t checked out the Particle Docs yet you definitely should.

The reference is my favorite section.

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I have and I agree. I should have included it in my second link that I could not find. ha ha.

I find code there that I am able to copy, paste, test, then change to my own custom names. It is a huge resource of information. Thank you for posting it.


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