Selling out my board

Hi everybody,

in the past months I have developed a custom board for my Core for weather and air quality measurement. Everything is described in this thread:

now - as written in my last post on that thread - I have almost dropped this project, being too demanding for me.
This is why I am thinking to give away - only at cost price - my board , fully assembled with all the sensors included.

If anybody is interested into this, please send me a PM :smile:

@cerocca, I may be interested! Will you include the PCB Eagle files as well? I would be interested in adapting the board for the Photon and Electron and other platforms as well. What price are you considering?

@peekay123 : you have a PM

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UP :smile:
the board is still available (no deal concluded yet)

hi, could you send me a pm with some more info please? (pricing, etc) thanks

@cerocca, at this point I think it would be easier to state how much you’d like to have for the board, rather than everybody having to ask individually, since that’s not really convenient apparently.

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@Moors7 : you are right, it is definetely better to write everything here… so these info are also for @yugnats :smile:

Basically the board (airspark) has already the eagle files available on github: together with the BOM of the board.
The board comes completely assembled - and tested. It works fine with my Core so it should be fully compatible with the Photon.

Here is an image of what I would like to sell:

The big green board is obviously airspark, with already soldered / on board a DHT22 (temperature and humidity sensor) a BMP180 (pressure and temperature sensor) and a MICS-4514 (Combined CO and NO2 Sensor). There are sockets for the 2 TH gas sensors on the left of the picture (a MQ5 and a TGS2602) and for Wind & Rain sensors (the 2 RJs)

The small green is a Ozone sensor (MICS-2614) which can be connected to airspark via a 4 wires cable (GROVE standard).

The red board (“serial1”) is a usb-serial converter, to be connected with airspark (serial1 in the core/photon) via the blue board and another 4 wires (GROVE) cable. This is needed for serial communication with the core/photon because - unfortunately - I didn’t leave enough space between the 2 RJ sockets and the core’s usb connector to use it. :frowning:
On the top, the 2 GROVE cables for the ozone and the “serial1” board. That’s it.

Now, price: when I made airspark I had 2 boards fully populated; both of them were functional so I sold one to another user from the forum: he got the airspark board (without the RJs soldered) and the 2 TH sensors for 100€ + shipping. I think it would be fair to keep the same price :blush: (In this deal I would obviously add for free the red and blue board with their cable)

I will put also the MICS ozone sensor board in this deal, so ALL the material in the image for 100€ + shipping. I know it is not “for free” but if you consider all the items included, you will see that it is barely the cost I have sustained.

Sorry for the long message but I wanted to explain as much as possible the deal, I hope to have been enough clear.

Of course I am available for any further clarification which might be needed.



UP :smiley:

The board(s) are still available, if anyone is interested.

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