Thingsboard w/MQTT


Since my favorite dashboard, Freeboard, has finally decided to require payment, it was time to look for another free dashboard. We found Thingsboard, which is open source and Apache licensed. The examples I found used MQTT to upload data. Using their example code, along with the PubSub library code, and a little tweaking to make it work in the Photon world, I’m now able to begin re-creating the weather and environmental dashboards I had before. Right now it’s just uploading temp and humidity, but it appears the graphing options are substantially better in Thingsboard.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Thank you for sharing this!


You’re welcome, @KyleG


Just finished reworking my Freeboard weather dashboard into Thingsboard. Screen capture attached showing various types of widgets available.


you wouldnt want to share your code would you ?? I am figting with things board big time


@jade7272, is there a particular piece of code you’re looking for? I’ll be happy to share whatever helps.


Hey thanks for replying …Yea the particle code …I’ve been fighting with it for 4 days …I’m able to use MQTT to post to the things board and curl as well from different computers but I’m not getting anything out of particle we need to do a direct connection to particle and post really fast …Any help you can provide would be fantastic


@jade7272, here is the link to my code. You just need to add your Thingsboard token. I was using a Si7021 sensor to provide the data.

Hope it helps.


Your awesome …As soon as my internet is back up …I’ll get on this


It works great thank you very much I am going to publish an article using your code ,on when I do Ill give you the Link,Ill give due where its due …


I’m glad it worked for you.



I’m confused. I looked at your project and I didn’t see anywhere where you’re doing MQTT?

Or was this another project you posted?


Right now I’m using Node red to subscribe to the Published topic and then using functions but Im going to switch over to MQTT and the Things board …Try to get responses a bit quicker on the switch side of things…maybe publish both ways …


Project is far from complete