Particle Webhook to ThingsBoard

I posted a detailed example on how to setup a Webhook to ThingsBoard.

The ThingsBoard IoT Platform supports HTTP, MQTT, and CoAP APIs. It has a rich set of features including a Dashboard, Rule Engine (node flow based), and Trendz Analytics. You can sign up for a free Community Edition subscription to test it out on an unlimited number of devices. A Live Demo Server is available for initial sandbox testing.


Hey @markwkiehl, this is awesome, thanks for sharing! Iā€™m gonna give this a spin myself.

Thingsboard can accept multiple values, so you can also build long JSON strings. e.g.:

   sprintf(jsonOut, "{'battery': %0.2f; 'busVoltage': %0.2f; 'current':%0.2f; 'power': %0.2f; 'devPower': %d; 'devCharge': %d; 'chargeStatus': %d; 'onBatteryPower': %d;'soilMoisture': %d;'humidity': %0.2f; 'temperature': %0.2f; 'pressure': %0.2f}",
        batVolts, busVoltage, current, power, inputPwr, inputChg, charge, onBatteryPower, s, humid, temp, pres);
    Particle.publish("SoilData", jsonOut, PRIVATE);

You can then follow the above instructions and in your webhook, just send the raw data