Looking for photon guru freelancer

hi all,
i am working on a project related to a remote small farm weather station but i lack the experience.
here is the hardware i have:
Photon board.
Photon weather shield
sparkfun weather meters
sparkfun TSL2561

i managed to make the weather station to work with serial and also Phant. but what i failed to do and what i require is mqtt.

i need someone to make this hardware successfully publish mqtt to mosquitto or others (will be installed on a local raspberry pi)

thank you.

@chrigui did you try out the mqtt library and met with some issues?

@kennethlimcp thank you for your reply, i saw the library but i don’t know how to make it work with the existing code, i know how to add it to the app as a lib. using the online ide, but thats about it. hence the need for someone to help out.