MQTT - the Status?

I want to use my Particle with a local Mosquitto MQTT server, to both publish and subscribe to topics.

What is the current reliability of the hosted MQTT library?

There are numerous threads about it, but i am chasing the latest info, if anyone can help



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An update - My guess is that it is not an appropriate library for anything in production.

I ran a test last night, sending a message at 10s intervals to my MQTT broker. It lasted 5 hours before stopping.

This is not to take away from the great guys who built the library, but it is not ready for prime time on the particle’s :unamused:

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Thanks for testing. I’m sorry to hear that; was hoping to use that library.

I’ve got multiple projects using MQTT running on both Core and Photon with months of uptime.

I’m not publishing as often every mostly every 5 minutes or every minute but they have been going for 6+ months non stop.

So it’s not unreliable but it’s definitely depends on the application and needs testing around the specific use cases.

Great to hear @mrOmatic, i have just gotten home from work, and it is still running fine, so that is something like 9hrs.

i only have one particle, so i dont have a lot of continuous uptime as i keep changing the program.

Assuming you are using the library in the webIDE - it seems like it can be stable enough for production.

There is plenty you can do to break the photon in you own code so testing and more testing but I don’t think the MQTT library is any less stable that the particle platform overall.

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