Particle Power Shields are now available from me

Hey everyone I’ve develloped a screw shield with 24 VAC and 12 VDC inputs … and two relays triggered off of two digital outputs ?. I’ve also develloped a screw shield for the Photon and Electron …just screw downs …works awesome…


The only time I have ever ran across 24v AC was from Military contacts using it to power camera equipment. What is your applications for 24V AC input?

The place I’ve seen it frequently is in automatic lawn and garden sprinkler systems. The solenoids for those systems are often 24v ac. I’ve actually been thinking of enhancing my system with a Photon.


You can use up to 24 volts as I’m powering a particle with …a 120 to 15 VAC xfer and works excellent …you can check the build out at

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I’m actually planning to use Particles and my power shield to set up a building monitoring project using these shields and sensors for about 100 buildings at work here in April …gonna be quite the project …I’m going to document it as much as possible for people to demonstrate the practicle uses for these devices …that’s why I develloped the shield …I needed a screw shield with its own voltage conversion to minimize the size of junction boxes and ease the build times …