Relay Shield availability?

Hey all!
First post, Particle is great. Long time fan here.

When will the Particle Relay shield be back in stock?
Or is there any available for order in EU somewhere?


Have a look:

I recommend the line of products at . There are relay shields that fit both the Photon and Electron, in signal, normal, high current, and solid-state types in sizes from 1 to 32 relays.

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We do have a very limited supply of the Relay Shield. The sales portal has been updated to show them being in stock. I’m told we have seven of them ;^) .



We are also needing more of these shields I bought the last 4 in South Africa. I did log in to the “particle wholesale store” but I couldnt tell if they actually had stock so I didnt commit. thanks for the NCD link.