Looking for the Relay or Programmer Shield?

Looking for the Relay Shield or Programmer Shield? We are currently out-of-stock in the Particle store, but more are on the way! We hope to have them on sale early next month.

If you need one of these shields right away, check out our list of international distributors. More are being added every week! If you are able to use a distributor in your area, you might even save on shipping and import taxes.

If you’re in the US and you need products fast, we recommend Microcenter. (Bonus - they have the last remaining stock of Cores, so if you want to be retro, get ‘em before they’re gone!) Other US distributors include Adafruit, Maker Shed, SparkFun, Abra, and Robot Shop.


Nice to know, but having these shields still featured on the store page with a “(temporarily) Sold Out” sticker - similar to the Core - would have safed some related questions on the forum :wink:

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Hey! This is done on the lovely new store at store.particle.io! :smile:

That must have gone only just a few hours ago? I checked yesterday (via the Buy Now button top right here) and it wasn’t there.

It’s new today! :slight_smile: