Will not complete setup via app [SOLVED]

I did the above in DFU mode, then reset the board. No change in the LED behavior. After a ‘particle login’ and ‘particle serial wifi’ command, the board remains in the same state as before. I’m also seeing the same error messages when trying to back up the keys. It doesn’t look as though the corrupt keys were replaced.


You dont need to be in DFU mode to run that command. That will simply send a public key to the :cloud:

Did you get something like successfully submitted a public key?

Yes, I got a “submitting public key…” message followed by “submitting public key succeeded!” Same message in DFU mode and setup mode. I also tried the command after the board was reset. No apparent change in behavior. Will the app recognize the board?

Ok so is it still blinking cyan with occasional orange?

Yes, same pattern as the video…


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OK, I do believe the board is now “breathing” (slow rise and fall of blue). Connect via USB or app?


It sounds like you have breathing cyan (https://docs.particle.io/support/troubleshooting-support/photon/#led-colors-explained-) which means the device is successfully connected to the :cloud:

It doesn’t show up on the Particle app. How can I verify it is operating correctly?

You have the CLI right? Can you do a particle list?

That returns “No devices found.” Do I need to login and set wifi credentials in setup mode?


I do suggest following the guide again but here’s what you can do for now:

  • press the SETUP button until the Photon blinks blue
  • Use the mobile app and go through the process of adding a new Photon.

I have a feeling you are using two different accounts since submitting a key via CLI would not have worked if the device is not claimed under the account in the first place.

In the long effort to recover the board, I claimed the device many times without success. I tried the mobile app and again, it failed in the fifth step where it tries to verify product ownership. Would unclaiming the id via USB clear up the conflict? I have only one account in the cloud, BTW.


Oh my, a login, wifi, device add sequence succeeded in claiming the device! After logging out and logging back into the app, I have a working Tinker interface. Just for the record, I reset the board, put it into setup mode, then used the commands

particle login
particle identify
particle serial wifi
particle device add ID

Looks as though the two dfu-util commands got the board back to a good state.


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Would you mind changing this topic to include [SOLVED], seeing as your board is up and running?
Also, big shoutout to @kennethlimcp for chiming in and helping out :tada:!

Agreed on the shoutout to @kennethlimcp - this diagnosis and fix should be in a short How-To page!


Diagnosing it is hard, as you might have notices, due to different interpretation of the colors/sequences. Having a short how-to page is definitely something that should be worked on. There’s a guide in the troubleshooting section, but that is evidently not sufficient.
@christine, this topic might be a good example of what kinds of troubleshooting information is necessary in the docs :wink:

This just fixed my expired key problem on a Photon! :smiley:

Will this method also work on the older Spark Core?

place the device in DFU mode
download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36134145/particle/junk.der9
dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 1 -s 34 -D junk.der
download https://s3.amazonaws.com/spark-website/cloud_public.der8
dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 1 -s 2082 -D cloud_public.der
reset the Photon

I’ve having the same issue and tried your solution.
All goes well till the step "particle device add ID [mydeviceID]"
I then get the respons:

Claiming device ID
Failed to claim device, server said: [object Object]

Any idea how to solve this?

it’s not

particle device add ID [mydeviceID]


particle device add [mydeviceID]