Wifi Switched networks

Here’s a goodie for ya… I had my core set up to my mobile wifi hotspot with ssid: TVC15_f
I also have my wifi at home (where the hotspot is also until I field test) with an ssid: TVC15
Both networks use the same password. In testing today I found that my hotspot was locked-up when I tried connecting my ipad to it - but couldn’t understand why the Spark still had a cyan heartbeat until I checked my TVC15 router and saw the Spark mac in the list.
The Spark switched networks networks on me!!
How/Why would this happen?? I never loaded (at least not intentionally) any addition wifi settings although I had wanted to.

The best way to test is to factory reset the core and only send one Wifi Credentials again.

Just to make sure you did not send both Wifi Credentials on that core in your dreams :smiley:

Thanks @kennethlimcp after further testing and shutting off the TVC15 - it didn’t connect back to the TVC15_f which I was expecting. I’m not sure if I ever had to reconnect the core - perhaps I reconnected to my main TCV15 from my phone with Tinker not even giving it a thought?! Hmmmmm
My brain hurts.