Wi-Fi curtains with the Photon

Hello Guys,

Just wanted to share my latest project: Wi-Fi enabled curtains.

This is just a prototype but I’m going build a bigger version later.


Perhaps you can collaborate with @will :smile:

@Rockvole @will haha actually used a light sensor at first to make it ‘fully’ automatic. But it wasn’t accurate enough and pretty annoying sometimes. So thats why I switched to Wi-Fi with the Photon.

I’m actually waiting for https://hello.is to add an API to the sense which I can use as the trigger for my curtains.

Awwww yisss, at least I’m not the only one waiting for those guys. Considering they don’t really like timelines, or communicating, that might take a while though. They could definitely learn from Particle in regards to being open about things. I asked about in in an email, and was told:“Our API will be available soon. Please keep an eye out on our site.”, on August 12th.

@Moors7 Actually got the same response:

Hi Tim,

Thank you for contacting Hello and supporting Sense.
We look forward to expanding all of the services Sense works with and are excited about our upcoming API.
I apologize I do not have a firm date on the release.
Of course, please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


Looks like it will take a while. Right now I can just program a timer based on my schedule…

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Oh man I am so jelly–I also have a Sense so the three of us will have to get in a virtual war room together and knock this puppy out on a weekend sometime.


I have one too and am also waiting for the API. I am hoping I can see if partner noise like snore (I’m the guilty party) is going on and use a photon to trigger tilting the head of my bed up. I have the Serta moving platform which has a remote or may just tap in at the control box underneath but I’m sure my fiancée will appreciate this little project.

For now I’m about to use the SparkButton I have laying around so she has a soft glowing target she can tap and it will do the rest. Way better than looking for the remote and all that. Gonna but an IR transmitter in as well to turn off the TV for those nights I forget to set the timer. Now that I see this…I’m a bad bed partner!

Just finished my curtain project with the Photon.
It’s controlled via my home automation system but in this demo I use the browser.

Here is the result:

I’m a big fan of the Photon, made this project so much easier. Thanks!