What I would like in the current / next Photon

…is the new kickstarter campaign from RedBear
Oh, Particle masters, why don’t you did (will do) something like this ?

Just in love :sunny:


Has the magic word “HomeKit” in it

Well, I’m not a fan of HomeKit, but having two channels (central BLE capable and WiFi) with one antenna would be perfect, to me (Arf ! Arf !) :heart_eyes:

Actually we’re working very closely with RedBear to make it fully compatible with the Cloud! So… we did? Enjoy! :slight_smile:



Maybe yes ! In the meantime, I pledged for a few units. My dream to have all on one board comes true.
Even Seeed’s RePhone is not bad at all.

Keep up !

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I know about that whole iOS vs Android thing. I just buy everything.

I’ve had Philips Hue lights for quite a while but now I can tell Siri to turn the light on/off–that is the coolest thing ever. I’m also easily amused.
I wonder how Siri will know about the photon devices.

The only thing better would be to just think about the lights going off–like a Melcotion.

Sorry, as a 51yr “boy” I am not thrilled about holy wars :wink:
I mean that I am not a fan of home automation in general.

Good point :smile: