Why are these P1 in my Product not updating?



I have started shipping my product and the first customers have connected to Wifi.

There is a P1 in my product.

I have added them to my Product in the console.

In the past, all my testing devices updated themselves when I published a new firmware.

But today, when I published a new firmware, they are not updating.

See this screenshot:

Some of them are on V5, even though V6 is out since 3 hours.

The only difference is the system firmware version (1.4.0).

Does someone know why they are not updating themselves?


I guess v6 requires 1.4.2 - are the devices staying connected long enough to pull in the new application and the device OS update?
Could it be that users somehow interfere with the device update process?


yes, they have been connected for hours now.

They also are connected to WiFi reliably … here is a screenshot:

There is no interference possible from the users.

Firmware does not touch any of the Firmware update functions … if there are any.


So the devices run continously without and sleep periods, right?

Another question I forgot to ask: Could these devices be marked as development units?

BTW, would you happen to have some means implemented to remote-reset the device?
If so, that might be worth trying.


Yes, no sleep.

They are not development devices.

I don’t have remote reset. I will ask the owners to hit the reset button.

And in future firmware will implement a remote-reset.

Also, I will try to compile my firmware for 1.4.0 …



@volker Best not to share in a screen shot the device IDs.:wink:
If you look at kitty_aardvark device in the console and click on Edit button do you have the device Locked or Unlocked for updates? Toggling the Lock/Unlock with Flash Now ticked will get the device updating immediately if that is what you want to.

Update - I have a remote command on all devices to complete what they are doing and then reset, I have found that since the Forced OTA feature in 1.2.1 this hasn’t been necessary to use.


It’s unlocked.

When I toggled to ‘locked’ it immediately does the update.