Devices in product don't update themselves unless reset is done


I have a bunch of devices in a product.

But they don’t update themselves unless the user hits ‘reset’.

From this topic, I understand that devices don’t do a firmware update UNLESS they start a new cloud session.

Is it still the case that devices don’t auto-update unless the users hit reset?

I know I can also lock the firmware on each device, but its a lot of work doing that for all devices. I’d prefer auto-updates without users having to hit reset.

Hi @volker - are these Wifi or Cellular devices? In the latter instance this process can take up to 72 hours (the length of a given session before it expired and is renewed).


they are WiFi devices (P1).

Now 2 days later, they still haven’t updated.

Strange… is it expected behavior that they need a reset before they update?

Not necessarily, but they do need to re-handshake. You can force a disconnect using curl -X PUT <DEVICE_ID>/disconnect?access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>, which should lead to a new handshake and successful push of firmware.


I’ll try that new ‘intelligent’ release type in the future and hopefully don’t have to send that PUT request to every device

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