Latest product firmware dont pushed to the devices

I have a product defined in the console. I uploaded a new firmware version (V10) and my devices has the v9. A device was connecting to the particle cloud, and I can see that was auto updated, but even when I released the v10 to the “beta” group (where the device is in), the logs shows only that the device is getting the v9 of the firmware. So, the device is not updating to the v10 I released.

Is there any consideration I would be missing when releasing a firmware ?



I tried a couple of times connecting to the cloud (cyan flashing slowly) and getting the same log (auto_update, version : 9).


You didn’t mention what type of device. Firmware updates are only received when the device connects to the cloud. This happens on every reset for a Wi-Fi device.

For Electrons, however, the firmware update only occur when a new cloud session is started. This does not happen on every reset, because it uses several K of data. It could take up to a week for your session to reset.

There will be a number of changes in the way firmware rollouts are done to resolve this issue, but I don’t have a schedule for when that will happen.

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I’m using the electron, but it seems that connects, and the console shows that is auto updating but downloads the v9 rather than v10.

As I see, the devices has a recent handshake, and neither has been updated to the latest version of the firmware I released. Also, neither device is locked to a specific firmware version.

BTW, I’m using


I don’t know if there is any consideration related to those settings I have to have in my firmware.


In that case, submit a support ticket and include the device IDs that you’re having trouble with and I can check the cloud logs to see what’s happening.