Where is a Serial monitor

I start using sample want to show some Text by Electron device and don’t know Particle have Serial monitor, same arduino ? I can’t found it. in Web IDE

I think web ide doesn’t have a serial monitor. But Particle dev (local ide) has one. Also, you can use one from a third party (xshell, termite, xctu…)

I can’t get the serial monitor from Particle Dev to work, soI use the one from Arduino.

With the latest firmware me neither. I am also using arduino ide for that.

Thanks all

If we connect with Thingspeak.
it can show some text or data like serial monitor, right ?

I don’t think you can do that with Thingspeak, I only saw graphs.
What are you trying to display? If it’s a few events, you could use Particle.publish().
If it’s a lot of data, better use a serial app on your computer.