Flashing with Particle Dev - then can't use serial monitor

My photon works ok with the web IDE. However when using the Particle Dev application I can’t use the serial monitor.

If I load a simple program on the photon to print hello world every second and use the serial monitor
all I get is some event monitoring code( something about check delay jitter - no event etc etc)

if I use another terminal program this data is still being sent.

If I re flash my program with the web IDE all is fine and ’ hello world’ appears in my terminal ok.

What is going on with Particle Dev here?? I’m on Photon 0.6, OSX 10.11.6, Partcle Dev 1.7.3 if that means anything


Can I get a screenshot of the error/message you get when you try to use the serial monitor (the think with the check delay jitter)

Thanks for getting back to me…

What seems to be happening is that the Photon is not getting flashed. What I was seeing was some
code from a touch sensing library I had up loaded that was still running on the board.

Particle Dev does indicate it is flashing the board, and reports success. The lights go through the flashing sequence
but the previous code is still in the board.

So this is the issue I need to fix.

Any idea which system firmware is on the device? Dev will always target the latest release version. If you haven’t yet updated your device to that version, it might act up.
Alternatively, try placing your device in Safe Mode before attempting to flash. That makes sure your code doesn’t interfere with the flashing process.

Also there is often a confusion about which project Dev is actually building/flashing.
It’s not the file you are editing but the project folder Dev “stands” in that counts.
To verify that theory, add some obvious sysntax error in your code and try to build. If it still succeedes, you are working on the wrong project.

Thanks for the suggestions…

The board is on firmware 0.6. knowing which file(s) Particle Dev is compiling and uploading may be the issue
very unclear what its doing here!! Eventually I got it to flash the correct code.

I guess I’ll stick with the web IDE - at least that seems to work.

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Arghhh! spoke too soon…

Web IDE is now screwing up when compiling…!!!
I have deleted all the code from my file, and pasted in code from an example that works, but it seems to be
compiling an old piece of code that had erros but shouldn’t exist anymore!

Is this a known biug??

There are other possible reasons for that.

What’s your code and what are the errors?

Well., maybe it was me just panicking… or typing too fast LOL

I think it was caused by the IDE/web connection suddenly stalling for a short time and it
was not in sync. It certainly seems to have sorted itself out now.

I’ve not managed to confuse it or catch it out - yet.
Can’t say the same for Particle Dev app. which I can screw-up without batting an eyelid :smile: