How to set up Particle with Serial monitor in Particle Dev IDE?

Hello everyone
I have already set up electron cellular particle and i am planning to do my development locally with Particle Dev IDE.In particle Dev IDE, i am already logged in and selected the device, opened the serial monitor picked the port (COM 6 in my case) connected with 9600 baud rate.I compiled the code and uploaded the code with particle flash --usb firmware.bin.It successfully uploaded and the code is supposed to print text in serial monitor simply…
Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("Hello");
But i don’t see anythting in serial monitor. I figured probably i have set the serial monitor right.How do you set this up?Thank you in advance.

What OS are you using.

On Windows the auto-reconnect doesn’t always work.
So once you flash new code the device goes offline and the serial monitor might not reconnect quick enough or at all to see the single message.
Try putting a print statement in loop().

BTW, the baudrate for USB serial is irrelevant as USB has its own speed, so even if you set the monitor and Serial.begin() to different values it’d still work.

I am on Windows.Because i have been trying to reconnect manually but nothing happens. So what would be the best way to debug ?

Can you see the device in Windows Device Manager?

Under ports in device manager i see COM 6 usb serial device which is connected to the device.

How is it called there?
It should be recognized as Electron, otherwise you might want to install the Particle drivers

If you have PuTTY or some other serial monitor (or even CLI) you could check with that too.


Thank you very much @ScruffR ,drivers were not installed. It works now.