When will sparkcloud source be released?

My first project idea for the SparkCore is smart light switches. To minimize latency, I would probably be looking to setup my own SparkCloud locally, to avoid a several thousand mile round trip when flipping my light switch :smile:

Is there an ETA on when the SparkCloud code/release software will be available? Is is expected around the first shipments, or at a later date?


I think I have read that the source code will be published when the cores are shipped.

Thanks! That is correct.

Hey , @zachary source code already published ? if yes where can i look ?


Haha, nice—I love it when we dig out these threads from so long ago!

So the open source personal cloud is bubbling up the priority list. There are lots of pieces, so we’re taking it in steps. We’re working now on a command line tool to simplify some of the debugging steps users have to perform to get their Cores connected.

After that there are some firmware changes we have to make to simplify the process of pointing your Core somewhere other than the Spark Cloud. These changes will be a little hard to manage from a backwards compatibility angle, but we’ve sketched out a solution internally.

In any case, it’s not available yet, but it’s important, and we’re working on it.

Keep your eye on the Spark blog for new feature announcements at the end of every two-week sprint.