Open Source Cloud

Hi Guy’s

I am researching how to deploy a cloud that will let me substitute cloud with my own. The reason? If I want to build something commercially… I need a bit more control on the cloud side.

Can you guys give us a headsup on how this cloud thing will work? What’s ir written in? (Node?). Does it use any database (postgress?, mongo?, etc?)…

How will it be different than the cloud you currently have?

I am looking for a cloud server only to talk to my devices and maybe perform an OTA firmware upgrade to bulk devices registered to the cloud… Maybe if offline when connected I might push a new version if they connect with an old version… Its basically a switchboard to allow simple com between my app and my deployed devices.

Any info would be great since I am currently in the research stage.

@frlobo, I don’t have much information on this, but I understand the Spark and Elite Team is working on a local cloud solution (and other exiting features also) which will be released in near future.

@frlobo and @krvarma, the open source cloud is scheduled to be released this summer!

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Thanks @peekay123, waiting for the release, Open Source Cloud, WebHooks, etc…

I am aware of the plans. I’m looking more for the what and how will it work more than on the when.

Thanks though!!