Local/Open Source Cloud Release Plan

Many many many people have asked the question:

“When will Spark release an open source version of the Spark Cloud that can be run locally?”

To which our reply has been “As soon as we can”. Given the repeated requests for a better answer, today the team discussed and agreed on a timeline for preparing and releasing this much-asked-for feature.

Answer: Summer 2014. A beta release earlier in the summer followed by a stable release toward the end.

We recognize how important this feature is both for our incredible community and for Spark as a company, and we REALLY want to get it right;

  • so it’s super easy to use,
  • so it nails the most common use cases,
  • so it’s architected in a way were we can easily take community contributions,
  • and of course so it fits our business model and strategic plans.

As we know more about anything related to this feature, we’ll post here.


Hey, that’d be great! Will the web server be a LAMP or Windows implementation?

I think it’s not restricted to Linux or Windows.

As long as the packages needed to run the source code is available on the platform :slight_smile:

According to another local spark server thread, the underlying tech is node.js. I don’t know if they changed their mind after heartbleed.

I don’t think heartbleed which change that as long as your ssl version is not the compromised one and the way security is handled by the :spark: core is rather secured as well.

Still node.js, not affected by heartbleed :slight_smile:

I hope this is what I’m hoping to get as I would like to keep the cores within my local network. External access would be going through my php page and not directly…