Local Cloud Beta Testing [Where is the Source code for the Cloud]


Where can I find the server side source code for the Cloud?


It’s not available yet. I haven’t heard an ETA yet either.

Hey All!

Just wanted to pop in and give an update. We’re still working on the local version of the cloud. Before we can release that I’d like to release a command line tool that will make it easy to switch your core between servers without having to pull your hair out. Otherwise there is a lot of key switching, firmware compiling, and database stuff that I’m guessing most people would rather just have automated :slight_smile:

My hope is to have a version of both the command line tool and local server out sometime in the next few weeks. I’ll come back and update this thread when I have new information.


How about the protocol between spark core and the server? Is there existing document?

Hey All,

Just wanted to give another update. I’ll be releasing an initial version of the command line tool this week (Friday hopefully). After that comes the local cloud, and that should proceed very quickly. Our protocol is all very open, and could be reverse engineered by reading the communications library, but that would be a bit laborious. The local cloud will include a easily readable and understandable implementation of the server-side of the protocol which should help. :smile:

My hope is to have a version of the local cloud available by about March 7th, which would be the end of our next sprint. The parts that take the longest are the parts that make things easier to use, so the very first version might need polish.




Is the local cloud be released on Mar 7 as you predicted?



Hi @sink88,

Unfortunately the date for the local cloud has to be shifted back again, my apologies. This is still very high priority, and I want to make sure it’s ready before it goes out. What would you guys think about doing a beta test of the local cloud before release? That way people can start playing with it without having to wait until it’s fully production ready. I’m bummed I’m going to miss my March 7th estimate, and I’m glad you asked.


@dave I’ll volunteer to test :slight_smile:

Can you tell us the server requirement so I can get it ready?

Sure! The requirements will be generally identical to the CLI, so NodeJS, OpenSSL, Python 2.7 so you can run the node-gyp build process. If you can install the CLI with ursa, then you can run the local server. :slight_smile:

@dave wow that’s awesome!

I have been wanting to let my raspberry pi do cool stuff and running the local cloud is on my list.

Just curious, is the application ‘scalable’ on multiple machines? It’s like the most common thing people are looking at whenever they have server-side stuff

I’d be interested in a beta as well. Maybe try to get it running on a Synology Diskstation.
Awesome work you guys are doing, looking forward to what is to come!

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I’ve got a Synology at home as well, that would certainly be nice!

I’d interested in a beta test. I have a ubuntu server. If you want to beta test that enough for me.

Cool, I’ll post here with info when I’m ready to start the beta test :slight_smile:

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I would like to volunteer as beta tester.

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If you’re still looking for beta testers, I’m always up for a good time.

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Got a Pi, installed node.js and node-gyp, compiled a few module on it. What else do I need

Awesome! You’ll want to make sure you can install the node.js module ursa, which requires installing OpenSSL, and you’ll probably want dfu-util installed as well http://dfu-util.gnumonks.org/ .

For any new linux system, I also recommend doing a (or the equivalent of):

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade


Wow great job @sink88 :slight_smile:

I wanted to prepare my raspberry pi over this weekend too but also to document down for new users to get started in future.

@dave can you recommend a tool I can use to script all the steps I do from a fresh linux image all the way to installing everything needed for a :spark: cloud server?

That way, users can simply run the script and be up and running :smiley:

I read about stuff like chef, vagrant and puppet but what’s the exact tool for what I mentioned above?

Just make a bash script! :smiley:

Won’t we need the local toolchain as well, @Dave, or is Sparkulator not part of the local cloud?

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